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Mid-January Resolutions


Hey hey hey!!! My week was full of fun and work. I love to have a little bit of both. And since blogging is what the cool kids are doing.... I’ve been gearing up for this new workout program I’m starting tomorrow so mentally I’ve been preparing. Literally going to follow this 80 day program. Workout and meal plan and no alcohol. I’m so excited to center my mind and get into summer shape. We had a bit of a snow storm Friday so my day at work kind of went to crap and it caused me to have Saturday off of work. It’s supposed to snow again tomorrow night so I’m sure Kentucky will shut down again. I had good times with one of my best friends this weekend but I am excited to venture on this new journey. I’ve always stayed in my workouts but haven’t been on a strict meal plan in a while. I will miss hanging out at my favorite spot. But since it is self care I’m excited none the less. I’m looking forward to see what this next 80 days brings me so I will keep you posted. Happy January. I’ll be doing this until the second week of April so wish me luck


Sunday already, and I only managed to get what I feel like is a quarter of all of the things that I "have to" do done this week. I've been working on tracking my time so I can maybe see where I'm spending it. Or, investing it. Because as Grant Cardone says, you're either investing your time or wasting it. I can tell you right now that A LOT of my time this week has gone to meal planning, prepping, and preparing. Trying to eat healthier and cut out sugar and most carbs is really difficult. Today marks day eight of my 21 day intermittent fast. In fact, I have another batch of bone broth on the stove now. I have to add the veggies before I go to bed.

I got terrible news on Friday, that I owe $22,500 in taxes. Being self-employed sometimes is rewarding, and then when I hear things like this, I wonder if it's even worth it. And I thought the $12,500 I owed last year was bad. I was wholly unprepared to hear that. Or pay that, for that matter. Guess it's back to another payment plan, just when I was about to pay off last years. Ugh.

I'm looking forward to another week of going live in the morning while I'm eating breakfast or bone brothing it. I had a lot of fun at our first ever Girls' Night In, so I will definitely be scheduling one of those again, probably before the end of the month. And my plan is to do more live sales - I just have to figure out when! Everyone seems to be asleep when I am home from work!

I have yet to write out my goals for 2018, so I have decided to make my birthday my new year. That gives me a little bit of time. If I can just do ONE thing per day to move toward my goals...well, right now it's one thing per day to move toward getting me closer to writing them down and planning for my goals, then I'd be in good shape. I mean, I bought like, three planners for 2018, one of them cost $80!!! And I'm not even using a single one yet. So. Yeah. At least I know what my word is for this year - Consistency. I think my bone broth needs its veggies now.

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